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It is through this ability to arouse desire that the luxury sector today represents nearly 500 billion dollars. It combines traditions and refinement around timeless values: creativity, exceptional quality and prestige. It is the ideal space to present your company, your services and your teams in detail. Introduce your team and the services offered. Tell the story of your business and why it was created. Explain to your visitors your motivations, your goals and highlight your advantages over your competitors. Stand out and capture the attention of your visitors.

It is with the aim of introducing this sector to HEC students that Heliste - Business & Luxury association was born in 2016 on the campus of the University of Lausanne. Share, bring together, promote and debate around a common passion: luxury in all its aspects.

Conferences, visits to major houses, and events are organized throughout the year so that students truly encounter this very particular sector, its professions, its visions and its challenges.

discover the world of luxury

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